RLEM Workshop 2022


B2RL: An open-source dataset for building batch reinforcement learning

Hsin-Yu Liu, Xiaohan Fu, Bharathan Balaji, Rajesh Gupta, Dezhi Hong

at  10:45 ! Livein  Roomfor  15min

Batch reinforcement learning (BRL) is an emerging research area in the RL community. It learns exclusively from static datasets (i.e. replay buffers) without interaction with the environment. In the offline settings, existing replay experiences are used as prior knowledge for BRL models to find the optimal policy. Thus, generating replay buffers is crucial for BRL model benchmark. In our B2RL (Building Batch RL) dataset, we collected real-world data from our building management systems, as well as buffers generated by several behavioral policies in simulation environments. We believe it could help building experts on BRL research. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to open-source building datasets for the purpose of BRL learning.

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