RLEM Workshop 2022


Deep Reinforcement Learning with Online Data Augmentation to Improve Sample Efficiency for Intelligent HVAC Control

Kuldeep Kurte, Kadir Amasyali, Jeffrey Munk, Helia Zandi

at  9:35 ! Livein  Roomfor  15min

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) has started showing success in real-world applications such as building energy optimization. Much of the research in this space utilized simulated environments to train RL-agent in an offline mode. Very few research have used DRL-based control in real-world systems due to two main reasons: 1) sample efficiency challenge—DRL approaches need to perform a lot of interactions with the environment to collect sufficient experiences to learn from, which is difficult in real systems, and 2) comfort or safety related constraints—user’s comfort must never or at least rarely be violated. In this work, we propose a novel deep Reinforcement Learning framework with online Data Augmentation (RLDA) to address the sample efficiency challenge of real-world RL. We used a time series Generative Adversarial Network (TimeGAN) architecture as a data generator. We further evaluated the proposed RLDA framework using a case study of an intelligent HVAC control. With a ≈28% improvement in the sample efficiency, RLDA framework lays the way towards increased adoption of DRL-based intelligent control in real-world building energy management systems.

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